7 Traditional Acne Remedies From Acne No More PDF Download

Do traditional acne remedies actually work to treat acne naturally?

Acne is a relatively common skin problem that people experience at some point in their lives, especially during their teenage years. It is characterized by inflammation that evolves into eruptive lesion. There are many misconceptions about the causes and treatments for this skin condition.

traditional acne remedies

Currently, a large part of the industry is interested in products intended to cure acne and prevent its appearance. This industry is aimed primarily at young consumers, teenagers and young adults according to the acne No more ebook.

Many people have long believed that certain types of foods caused by acne, which included chocolate and fatty foods. However, the acne no more book by Mike Walden suggests that this is not the case.

Presently, most treatments of skin problem are done with a large number of creams and lotions containing mostly salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Many people say that the best way to treat or prevent acne is to wash your face regularly with warm water and mild soap since cleaning can reduce the amount of fat that blocks the follicles on the skin.

However, traditional acne remedies are more natural or holistic in their approach. These traditional acne remedies not only aim to treat acne from the outside, as most modern acne treatments do but rather to get rid of the internal cause that causes this skin condition and to eradicate completely the problem in order to have clear skin.

Acne is a relatively common skin condition, so it is normal for many people to look for solutions to get rid of it completely. The problem is that today there are so many products competing in the market that simply looking for proper acne treatment can really become confusing. The acne no more book by Mike Walden proposes simple ways of getting rid of acne without breaking the bank on cosmetics.

Acne is very visible. That’s why most patients will prefer a product that promises to rid them quickly rather than traditional acne remedies that heal slowly.

.To really defeat acne, and no matter what kind of acne it is, it is necessary to remedy the internal cause of this disease by all-natural methods.

The book Acne No more” pdf Download presents different traditional acne remedies and easy ways to combat this skin problem

No matter how bad those spots have become, there is always a natural recipe for healing. All these cosmetic and miraculous treatments have the same points in common: they are economical, they use natural products, they can be prepared at home.

Rather than buying expensive products, the acne no more full book provide several traditional acne remedies that heal in no time

Acne No More by Mike Walden

Traditional acne remedies from the Acne no more pdf Download

  1. Traditional Acne Remedies -Tomato or lemon

Tomato is a powerful antioxidant but it is also an ally of a shock to fight the acne pimples that sometimes disfigure the area around the nose or in the middle of the forehead.

For this recipe, it’s simple: cut a tomato (preferably organic) into slices and apply the latter to your face for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water. Your skin is healthy and clean!

If your skin is not too sensitive, opt for lemon. The citric acid present in lemon offers its beneficial properties on acne. It is recommended to treat hormonal, inflammatory and rosacea acne problems.

traditional acne remedies to treat acne naturally

Lemon acts as a lightening agent and disinfectant, it prevents the formation of new comedones and reduces the appearance of scars.

Just as directed by the acne no more full book, Apply the organic lemon juice with a cotton swab on the areas to be treated.

Rather than applying synthetic cleansers, follow the Acne No more book method of getting rid of the black head with cucumber extracts.

2. Traditional Acne Remedies -Mix essential oil with lemongrass

 effective and natural solutions are found on the side of vegetable oils and essential oils. To prepare this, mix jojoba oil with two drops of tea tree essential oil and apply on the affected parts. Olive essential oils, lemongrass or lavender oil are also recommended. You can use them alternately.

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3. Traditional Acne Remedies -Exfoliate with cider vinegar

Cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits.  it is an ideal product that cleanses the area to be treated. With small cotton or a compress soaked in this vinegar, drop a few drops on the pimples or the area affected by acne. Leave to rest and rinse with warm water.

traditional acne remedies to treat acne naturally

This is a better alternative to face cleansers and are effective in getting rid of makeup to leave the skin perfectly clean. Unlike cosmetic cleansers, acid cider vinegar is mild on the skin and doesn’t strip it of its natural oil.

4. Traditional Acne Remedies- Monitor your general life hygiene

 To avoid the appearance of acne pimples, monitor your lifestyle especially your diet. Avoid, fatty foods as well as cold cuts, cheeses, and dark chocolate.

On the other hand, tobacco and alcohol are also proscribed as well as prolonged exposure to the sun. Finally, to have a beautiful skin, think of removing makeup carefully with natural products.

Rather than washing your face with cold all the time, try using warm water once in a while. Application of heat has benefits on the dermis. It dilates the pores, purifies the skin and detoxifies it. On the other hand, moist heat allows the evacuation of excess sebum.

5.Traditional Acne Remedies- Apply toothpaste on the affected Area

According to Acne No more book by Mike, the best way to combat acne is by using natural remedies.  Toothpaste is not the most natural options but the acne no more book reviews from a number of participants suggest they do work wonders.

traditional acne remedies

Apply a little bit of menthol toothpaste on the affected area to dry it and it disappears in less than 24 hours. However, the majority of the acne no more book reviews suggests toothpaste that is little aggressive works better than those used for teeth whitening.

6. Traditional Acne Remedies -Use mild soaps

Acne-prone skin is already irritated enough that you do not want to worsen the situation by using cleaning Products made from harsh chemicals.

From the acne No more by Mike, it can be deduced that is not always necessary to wash the face with soap but if you must do to ensure they are mild and Rich in organic vegetable oils and essential oils, soaps made from these ingredients are mild on the skin and act as disinfectant, but also nourishing and regenerating.

However, for Acne-prone skin, it’s always safe to avoid excess oil in your soap as well as heavily scented soap that will further irritate the skin.

7. Traditional Acne Remedies –Massage face with ice

To fight blackheads and evacuate the excess of sebum, we often talk about the benefits of hot water, then used in a steam bath. But cold water also has therapeutic properties and can help treat acne.

In this case, it is necessary to use an ice cube that will be used to massage the areas of the face affected by acne pimples. With a massage of 30 seconds, twice a day, the skin becomes smoother in a few days!

Finally, to remedy adult acne, one of the last natural solutions proposed by the acne no more ebook is to opt for softer cleaning products, especially with regard to make-up removal.

For example, it is very simple to make your own makeup remover, especially with lime water and sesame oil. These two ingredients indeed create an emulsion that can both cleanse and nourish the skin, without harming it to avoid favoring the appearance of pimples when you have sensitive skin!

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